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Devika Couture

Devika Couture is a new sustainable fashion brand based in the UAE founded by designer Devika Burman.

Devika’s innovative designs showcase an effort to use a variety of styles, fabrics and objects used in dressmaking which are inspired by her travels worldwide and are influenced by the different awe inspiring cultures she discovered on her journey.

From studying Fashion Design and Dress making at the London School of Fashion as well as graduating from Heriot Watt University with BA in fashion marketing and retailing, her interest and passion for the fashion industry flourished instantly. Her knowledge from her education and qualifications mixed with her life experiences encouraged her to work on her goal of starting a fashion brand and motivated her to design these ideas.

Devika is particularly drawn to laces, ribbons and coloured stones which she came across multiple times during her exploration of certain cultures. As well as this, images of nature from her adventures are reflected in her artwork and her designs.